The School’s mission is to provide education based on respect, work and an independent ideology that contributes to happiness, culture, innovation and responsible socio-economic progress.

Educational Goals:

  1. To promote physical and emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships, empathy and respect for the environment, all in a nurturing setting of coexistence and aesthetic values.
  2. To stimulate the ethical and critical senses, intellectual curiosity and rigor, creativity, innovation, willingness, resilience, an interest in work well done and the search for truth.
  3. To promote citizenship of the world and relationships with people from other countries, cultures or mentalities.
  4. To promote the assumption of obligations, rights and responsibility in society, active collaboration and generating employment and wealth through fair progress.
  5. To provide personalised attention and monitoring to students and families, and to guide them so that they build their personal and professional happiness.
  6. To make a significant contribution to society through broad and varied culture, democratic coexistence, peace, freedom, and solidarity.
  7. To provide a standard of education that stands out intellectually and for its relationship with the scientific, technical, artistic, business, cultural and social world.
  8. Teaching through different languages, with particular emphasis on Spanish and English, instilling interest for the correct use of language, reflection, and reading.
  9. To promote hygienic habits, physical activity, adequate nutrition, and health, to elaborate a diverse, balanced and healthy diet and to facilitate the participation in sports.
  10. To contribute to pedagogical progress through research, innovation and methodological development, facilitating continuous training and professional development.

Our educational model aims to educate students to be…


          Informed and well-educated

          Good thinkers

          Effective communicators







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