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In addition to becoming Chairman of the Official Association of Industrial Experts of Andalusia, one of the achievements I am most proud of in my life was co-founding and being the first Chairman of the Rey Guerrero Alumni Association.”

Pedro Castro Artigas, Industrial Engineer

“My memories mainly revolve around discipline and how demanding the school was, which gave us great training in Sciences and Humanities, and a deep friendship with fellow students. I was an “average” student but usually got good grades. I liked Science related subjects, like chemistry and biology, but also literature and geography”.

Manuel Repetto Jiménez, Doctor in Chemical Science and Medicine

“In the early 1940s, it was hard to practice plurality, tolerance, and coexistence among people of different beliefs and ideologies, freely and officially. Everyone knew, however, that this was a school where there was academic freedom.”

Francisco José de Castro Brzezicki, Retired Notary Public

The School has been marked by the development of a certain character in its students, not only with regards to the intellectual aspect of teaching but also with regards to the ethical and moral aspects.

“In 2000, I was awarded the Young Researcher Prize by the Real Maestranza de Caballería de Sevilla. The other two researchers who were granted the same prize were also former students of the School. I think that shows how excellent our training was”.

María José Ruiz Montero, Doctor in Physics, PhD from the University of Seville

“I believe that the fundamental difference that characterises the best teaching institutions should be based on an education in values and the integration into its environment. Academic excellence is expected, but we also need a society that is committed to its environment and drives the community”.

Esperanza Caro Gómez, Director General of Finance and Commerce at the City Hall of Seville

“The School introduces the student to a diverse world, where there are no unambiguous answers to questions but may possible answers instead, and many different points of view. I believe that is also one of their main features”.

Rosa Santos Alarcón, Deputy General Director Institutional and Social Welfare of Cajasol
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