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Competence-based online modality

From 3 to 18 years old students

Open for enrolment

From September 2020

A 21st-century-skills centered, comprehensive online offer: benefitting from the huge opportunities opened up by digital technologiestranscending traditional matters and organisation, centered on the development of those personal and interpersonal aspects that will be key to individual and societal success in the future.  

All available studies underline the fundamental changes under way and the slow, insufficient evolution of schools and educational systems. The flexibility allowed by online learning facilitates new approaches which keep the value of IB education whilst focussing on the essential needs of future adults. We have thus combined the hard skills with the soft skills, personal awareness and growth with intercultural collaboration and understanding. We aim to help students grow as ethically engaged, more resilient, alert and conscientious individuals, aligned with the IB learner profile and our traditional values of respect and commitment.  

Our students

  • enjoy a forward-looking education designed on the basis of neuroscience and current evolution;
  • use team-work approach to build their knowledge through multidisciplinary study projects which combine creativity with inquiry and scientific rigour; 
  • enrich their language and interpersonal silks through writing, reflecting, debating, dialoguing and presenting;
  • acquire sound personal habits through meditation, self-analysis and interpersonal growth, keeping a healthy balance between mind, body, study and leisure;
  • become tech-savvy using and resources in an innovative, creative and practical way;
  • explore ethical, social, international and cultural issues from a multi-sided perspective through collaborative study within diverse teams;
  • choose motivating learning topics in order for them to develop self-management and team-working skills;
  • record their progress using digital tools to create a multimedia personal e-portfolio, based on cutting-edge, research-created edition procedures;
  • access unique resources and testimonials to inform and enrich their thinking and analytical processes;
  • establish international collaboration teams and networks with peers of mixed ages as well as professionals;
  • and develop a holistic and deeper understanding of the world’s challenges, sustainable development goals, as well as the personal engagement needed to successfully face them.

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