servicios colegio



There are two full-time nurses every day at the School, who look after the well-being of the students and they can immediately attend to any children who need medical attention.
The School is certified by the Public Company for Health Emergencies of the Junta de Andalucía’s Ministry of Health and Families as a cardio-insured area and every year we teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation courses for the entire educational community (students, families, workers, and collaborators).


The School has a canteen, with its own kitchen, which serves more than 700 people every day. Students eat a balanced and varied lunch, following a menu which is provided to the families in advance every month. There is also a coffee shop.
Another possibility is for the student to bring lunch from home (a packed lunch) and to eat in an area which is supervised by monitors, next to Alcázares Street.


To facilitate the transportation of students to and from school, the School offers a bus service, with three complete routes. Monitors, who are responsible for ensuring the safety and arrival at the School or to the classroom, depending on the age of the students, ride the bus with the students.

2020/21 routes.

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