From 11 to 15 years old – from Y6 to Y10

The common framework based on the seven objectives for the student defines and gives coherence to the student’s entire itinerary, from EPS to Year 12, no matter which itinerary the student chooses.

From Year 6, students use electronic devices in the classroom every day.

Students can choose whether they prefer to continue their studies of Visual Arts or Music and practise an instrument. Those who continue to practise an instrument could reach a level comparable to Year 2 or Year 3 of professional conservatory education by Year 10.

In Year 6 and Year 8, students participate in Startup Days Eureka!, where they develop business ideas to solve real problems related to the Sustainable Development Goals. They finish their MYP (Year 10) stage with personal projects, in which they reflect on topics of their choice.

The Career Guidance programme begins in Year 8 and continues during MYP, with various activities that help the students on their own decision path about their future profession.

Students can choose between the following structures: to study by competencies or to study by subjects. The students obtain the same degree in both options and prepare for their entry into baccalaureate in the same way, but the process is totally different between one structure and the other:

Competence-based Secondary education
Some of our students are perfectly satisfied with the education we currently offer, which is on par with the world’s best educational practices.

However, considering the rapidly changing world in which we live, which is increasingly diverse and uncertain, other students require a more flexible educational approach, with less prescribed content and based on encouragement and learning from excellent examples. This new model is designed to make their dreams come true.

Click here if you want more details about this new educational model.

Secondary education by subjects
This curriculum includes Spanish Language and Literature, Mathematics, Sciences, Individuals and Societies, and English Language, aiming for students to learn the specific knowledge needed to lay a solid foundation for Baccalaureate.

We maintain the elective (up to Year 9), a third language to choose between French, Chinese, or Arabic and Physical Education.

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