Life at the School is richer when the entire educational community accompanies us, because as the African proverb says: to educate a child you need the entire tribe.

We build a familiar and close environment, in which families find multiple ways to collaborate and continue training in aspects related to the education of their children.

Each new student who enrolls in our Center for the rest of the school year has a personalized adaptation of our Welcome Plan. We choose the group of the level that best suits their needs and two fellow mentors are assigned, taking into account the personal characteristics of the student, to facilitate their integration into the group.

If necessary, we design a specific support program to facilitate their incorporation at the level of the class and the languages ​​used in them. This reinforcement is individual or in small groups and during school hours.

The person Responsible for Attention to Families who has accompanied you since you formalize your enrollment will continue to be the family’s contact for any need until they are fully adapted to the school routine.