Our private bilingual School in Seville has over 130 years of tradition of innovation. In fact, our School was the first in the city to implement the bilingual model with native teaching staff.

The goal is for our students to communicate in both languages with the same fluency and depth of vocabulary. For this reason, we divide the subjects with the same number of hours in English and in Spanish. Thus, more than 50% of our students finish Year 12 with a C1 or C2 level of English.

In addition, students from our private bilingual School in Seville learn a second foreign language to be chosen by parents from Chinese or Arabic, starting from the age of two. In primary education, students start with French as a third foreign language.

Students can prepare to take official examinations in extracurricular classes, finishing their schooling with the corresponding certification.
Another of the fundamental pillars of our educational model is the Musical Diversification Programme, which allows each student to learn to play a symphony orchestra instrument during school hours and in small groups. Our private bilingual School in Seville has instruments for classes in our Centre and for families to have one at home, if they wish, to avoid students having to move them around.

We teach all International Baccalaureate school programmes: Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP). Based on the IB student profile and our motto of ‘respect and hard work’, we educate students in the promotion of health from responsibility towards oneself.

Our students learn that they must lead their own lives and that to do so, they must constantly make decisions. Knowing themselves and being owners of their actions, they manage behaviour towards others from their personal responsibility, and not as an imposition. From conflict resolution to solidarity, every act that involves a relationship with others is based on the choices they make using critical thinking and the empathy that this entails.

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