Statute as an International Education Centre

//Statute as an International Education Centre
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The centre has the freedom to share educational practices with some of the best centres in the world, eliminating restrictions and variations caused by changes in the Spanish Government.

This allows us to continuously improve our educational practices based on the research and experience acquired through our networks of global educational cooperation, particularly, the International Baccalaureate. It also allows the centre to put teaching practices of the most innovative organisations such as Singularity University or Harvard University into practice.

FAQ´s about our Statute as an International Education Centre

Over the past fifteen years, the School has been evolving and enhancing its international characteristics along with the quality of education provided. This evolution aims to make the School comparable with state-of-the-art schools belonging to some of the most prestigious educational organisations in the world. Operating as an International Education Centre grants us more autonomy and capacity to deepen our pedagogical project, and to continue to grow in quality, international dimension and preparation for the global society of the future.

We use the American system because of Its flexibility and compatibility with the Spanish system, which grants us great autonomy. As mentioned previously, it also gives us the opportunity to enhance our international dimension and mentality, without having to sacrifice teaching Spanish history and culture in depth, which along with the language itself, continues to receive priority within the North American system. We work with AdvancED, which is an agency that accredits 30,000 schools in the United States and connects some of the best centres in the country which are on par with centres in countries like Finland. We are looking to centres such as these to take a step further in the international approval of the quality of our teaching, in which International Baccalaureate also plays a key role.

We are the first centre, having been the first to receive authorisation thanks to the accreditation of AdvancED International.

The student benefits in three most important aspects: it provides the centre with regulatory stability and independence; it allows for the recruitment of teachers from outside the European Union, and it leaves more scope for pedagogical innovation. In addition, the AdvancED accreditation, combined with integration into International Baccalaureate, among other things, has the following advantages for students: it provides greater opportunities to accredit their skills and abilities with those of students from some of the best centres in the world; it creates more possibilities to do an exchange with students from other countries and cultures; it gives students the chance to continue their education outside Spain or to carry out work experience outside Spain; and of course, greater possibilities to learn through pedagogical practices shared between centres at the forefront of international education

AdvancED International, as an agency is accredited by the United States Government to carry out this task. Since 2001, our Centre has successfully passed the accreditation process of AdvancED, making us the first Sevillian centre to receive authorization from the United States Embassy to teach its education system. Also, the School remains under the supervision and inspection of the International Baccalaureate, whose programs provide an additional guarantee of quality and a multicultural and global vision of education.

Inspection in the Spanish education system is fundamentally bureaucratic, centred around formal documentation. Both, the AdvancED and the B.I., require the provision of evidence of continuous improvement and include on-site visits and observations to evaluate progress, within a framework of the centre´s broad autonomy.

In the United States, there are no syllabus requirements, but rather competencies that the student must acquire. The American system establishes some requirements and operating principles. It defines the skills and competencies that the student must learn and asks for concrete evidence that the centre analyses its results and strives to improve them each year. This gives us the framework we need to advance in an expertise-oriented pedagogical programme, and with the autonomy to continue to enhance our Spanish history and culture programme, without losing our international perspective. As far as levels of study are concerned, they range from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and are the exact equivalent of our levels up to Year 12. The evaluation system doesn´t change, apart from changes that we consider necessary in the future as a result of the continuous change to our pedagogical programme. The promotion from one course to another also remains unchanged and is governed by the same pedagogical criteria that we have maintained in the past.

We operate with the American system in Pre-school, Primary and Secondary, in which automatic standardisation is in place. We are aware that most of our students continue their studies in Spanish universities. The preferred method to access these universities is to complete the Bachillerato (the Spanish Baccalaureate), and the Selectivity Exam (the state entrance exams to Spanish universities) or another equivalent and we maintain these levels within the Spanish Education system. The statute as an International Education Centre does not affect the Bachillerato; we continue to offer the Bachillerato and the International Baccalaureate to our students. Thus, students who want to pursue their studies in Spanish universities are provided with the best education and resources to do so, and those who want to study in foreign universities have the opportunity to obtain the International Baccalaureate Certificate, which gives preferential access to some of the best universities in the world.

The accreditation of diplomas is guaranteed by Royal Decree and supported by international treaties guaranteeing equivalence. It is automatic during mandatory education.

The School manages the accreditation, and it doesn’t incur any inconvenience on families. Therefore, if a student leaves school during Primary or ESO (Obligatory Secondary Education), even in the middle of the course, to continue studies in the Spanish education system or any other European educational system, he/she has no problem in doing so, with all previous studies in our centre automatically approved.

In the case of Primary and Secondary, as established according to the 28th BOE (Official State Bulletin), Order ECD/ 3005/2002, December 16th, it is not necessary to carry out a process of accreditation of studies coming from a foreign education system to join any course in the Primary or Compulsory Secondary Education system in Spain, nor is it necessary to get accreditation  to carry out studies on any level or course in the Spanish education system where access to said course does not require the Certificate of Graduation from Secondary Education.

The approval of certificates if a student leaves the School to attend Bachillerato (the Spanish Baccalaureate) in another centre with the Spanish educational system is also guaranteed under the Order of April 30th, 1996 (BOE of May 8). This order states that studies carried out in foreign education systems by students coming from the Spanish education system is subject to homologation of the Spanish Certificate of Graduation from Secondary Education or of the Bachiller Certificate, provided that the student has passed as many correlative and complete courses as they have pending to finish in Compulsory Secondary Education or the Bachillerato respectively.

It does not change the school calendar in any way. The academic calendar continues to be designed taking into account the usual traditions and local holidays, and it does not have to undergo more changes than the School deems appropriate for the benefit of students and their families, for example, as we have done in the past deciding to start before most centres, being pioneers in this regard. However, our intention is not to extend the school calendar, nor to alter the holiday period, but to continue using the current school calendar as much as possible, and as is the custom in this centre, raising awareness among the students about the importance of not being absent.

We combine the strong qualities of the Spanish education system, one hundred and thirty years of experience in top quality education and the indications of the International Baccalaureate as a guide to avoid the uncertainties of national legislation. We adjust our teaching practices to offer the best possible education for our students at all times. In this sense, subjects evolve, as they have in the past, adapting to necessities and advances of the times, but they aren’t bound by any change. As mentioned previously, the American system is flexible, and only indicates minimum competencies.

As previously mentioned, not at all. Spain has one of the richest historical and cultural heritages in the world, and we continue to teach our students this subject area with the same commitment. There are no requirements with respect to this in US regulation, therefore operating as a centre of international education doesn’t affect the subject area.

Over the last few years, we have increased the number of lessons taught through English, and this has allowed us to advance enormously in the mastery of the language. The goal of the School is to maximise the development of both languages, so a balance is always maintained.

Our students have proved, year after year, that their results are among the best in all external assessment mechanisms such as in the ESCALA test, diagnostic tests, university entrance exams and in International Baccalaureate exams. This change has been made to continue strengthening our educational programme and to continue to grow in quality and results. Consequently, we continue to work so that our students can face not only the Spanish Baccalaureate and the entrance exams to Spanish University with guaranteed success, but also any other academic or personal challenge that they might face in their paths both inside and outside Spain.

No, it has no impact whatsoever

The only difference is that we can hire staff that are graduates of Harvard, Berkeley, Yale, Tokyo, etc. We don’t lose permanent teachers and options for recruiting new teachers increase.

The incorporation into American system does not imply changes to the Schools location. In addition to the improvement projects that are being implemented each year, the School has designed a plan for building improvements that is already carried out. This plan is prior to and independent of the change of regulation, and it seeks to optimise the benefits offered to students. Also, as we have already announced, we have just acquired a new space. Our intention is to maintain our historical location, which forms part of our identity, being the only private school in Seville that has preserved its original location in the historic centre of the city.

None. Prices have risen in the last decade and a half to allow us to provide the highest standard of education possible. Historically, our Centre has never distributed dividends and has reinvested all its benefits in improving its educational programme. Changing to the US system has, therefore, no impact on prices, and significant increases are not expected in the immediate future beyond the annual adjustments and the evolution of the educational programme for the direct benefit of our students.

Yes, it continues being a Spanish company.

This option allows us to adapt to the needs of the future and, within the framework, Singularity University has elements to help us envisage these adaptations. The collaboration between our Foundation with the Silicon Valley institution, through its Embassy in Seville, opens doors to the future for all of us, but especially for our students who can enjoy great opportunities, such as having access to lecturers and experts of international standards or participating in entrepreneurship programs such as the one we are developing right now in Baccalaureate.


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