The School was founded in 1886 by Mr Francisco de Paula Ruiz Estévez and eleven years later it was passed to the hands of Mr José María Rey Repetto. Since then, the Centre has always been run by members of different generations of the Rey family, which has ensured the preservation of its style and founding values.

During this successful trajectory, more than 18,000 students have studied in the classrooms of the School, where they learned the principles of respect and hard work, which are fundamental hallmarks of an educational project that is open to the world and to the coexistence of different ideas.

It is the only private school in Seville that has maintained its original location in the historic centre of the city, it was the first and the only one at the time to renounce public subsidies, and it was also one of the first to admit female students, in the 1930s. It is traditionally one of the best schools in Seville in terms of academic results of its students.

The entire history of the School is summarised in the effort to preserve and harmonise the founding values of the Centre, while making a constant effort to modernise, improve, innovate, and anticipate. This is clearly seen in the institution’s different educational stages, which are meticulously described in the book Memories Around a Schoolyard.

Some highlights of our history

• We were one of the first schools to admit female students, in the 1930s.
• At that time, we also taught History classes in French.
• In 1972, we were one of the four centres that implemented the experimental COU, the university orientation course that was the last year of high school.
• We were the first bilingual school in Seville with native teaching staff.
• We were the first school in Spain to include Chinese and Arabic in its curriculum.
• We were the first school in Spain to equip all classrooms with a digital whiteboard.
• We were the first school, and the only one at the time, to renounce public subsidies.
• We hosted the Singularity University Spain Summit in 2015.
• We are the only one who has abandoned the Spanish educational system in favor of the Statute as an International Centre in order to do what our students need.
• We have received recognition from the Presidents of France and Italy.
• We are the only centre in Spain that has been part of the International Baccalaureate Board.

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