Looking to the future, we designed an education plan that is adapted to each student and open to the world. We educate following an ideologically independent model, guided by our motto “respect and hard work”.
Our educational goals are to:
1. Promote physical and emotional well-being, interpersonal relationships, empathy, and respect for the environment, in a nurturing setting with coexistence and aesthetic values.
2. Stimulate the ethical and critical senses, intellectual curiosity and rigour, creativity, innovation, willingness, resilience, satisfaction for a job well done, and the search for truth.
3. Promote world citizenship and relationships with people from other countries, cultures, or mentalities.
4. Advocate the assumption of obligations, rights, and responsibility in society, active collaboration, and the generation of employment and wealth through fair progress.
5. Provide students and families with personalised attention and monitoring, and guide them as they become personally and professionally happy.
6. Make a significant contribution through broad and varied culture, democratic coexistence, peace, freedom, and solidarity.
7. Provide an educational programme that is outstanding both intellectually and for its relationship with the scientific, technical, artistic, business, cultural, and social world.
8. Teach classes in different languages, particularly in Spanish and English, instilling interest in the correct use of language, reflection, and reading.
9. Encourage personal hygiene habits, physical activity, proper nutrition, and health, to elaborate a varied, balanced, and healthy diet, and to facilitate practising sports.
10. Contribute to pedagogical progress through research, innovation, and methodological development, facilitating continuous training and professional development.

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