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IB online education from 3 to 18 years old

Interactive live lessons and individualized monitoring of the students

Open for enrolment

From September 2020

A video-conferencing and distance-learning offer: from September 2020 we open all educational levels online; our entire language variety and services ranging from library to counselling, and optionally adjusting the programmes to individual interests.

A complete educational offer with the same ethos and academic rigour as the face-to-face schooling; it combines the versatility of distance learning with the advantages of an individualised attention. Our teaching body is experienced in catering for the intellectual as well as the pastoral needs of our pupils, ensuring a right balance of learning and wellbeing.  

Our students

  • enjoy an IB education which combines self-paced and live video-calls wih teachers and classmates;
  • acquire the habit to use their environment, and not just schooling materials, as a resource for active, meaningful and engaged learning;
  • broaden their inquiry skills and their creativity, whether through the IB student-centered approach, thanks to custom-made entrepreneurial and innovative programmes or both;
  • develop mastery in the use of digital resources, both to conduct research, to retrieve information and to produce new content;
  • receive artistic training, in music, visual arts or both, choosing a musical instrument among those part of a symphony orchestra;
  • benefit from the collaboration with peers living in different countries, thence enlarging their intercultural skills;
  • gain access to highly skilled personal and academic counsellors;
  • optimise their self-managememt and live lesson time;
  • keep the usual structure of subjects and grades to facilitate their transition to a physical school when needed;
  • may have specific, custom-made programmes on demand;
  • and can join the residence-in-family programme at any stage if they wish to try the experience.

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