Our school is the only private school in Seville that has maintained its original location, in the historic centre of the city.

There are specific music, art, and technology classrooms, as well as a large capacity auditorium. Students make use of three laboratories (chemistry, physics, and biology), equipped with the most modern and complete instruments.

Starting in Secondary Education, students have individual lockers, where they can keep their personal belongings and their computer. The lockers are located in the common areas, so that the students can easily access them between classes.

The Francisco Márquez Villanueva Library is a dynamic resource centre and an active information service that plays an essential role in learning, fostering the autonomy of the students as users of information as the social and cultural environment within the Centre.

Beyond the school context, as a peculiarity, the library has an interesting ancient collection of thirteenth- to eighteenth-century documents that have great potential for the public to use for research and that is the fourth largest in Seville after that of the University of Seville, the Colombina Library, and the Municipal Historical Archive.

Our 1300-square-metre sports facility is in La Encarnación, next to the School. Inaugurated in the 2017/2018 academic year, here students can play basketball, football, handball, or badminton, among other sports.

There is also an indoor sports centre (434 square metres), judo and jiu-jitsu tatami (250 square metres), and a recently built climbing wall (12 metres high).

Aiming to complete the educational offering, the School collaborates with the San Pablo Sports Complex and the High Performance Centre so they are available to students, as well as the Isla de la Cartuja rowing and canoeing facilities, which are regularly used in Physical Education classes.

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