When choosing a profession, make sure that it is the right one for you, and then study it in Seville or anywhere else in the world.

Career guidance “Educating people: learning to choose and to reach the chosen”

We understand career guidance as teamwork, made up of the School and family, that guides the students while leaving them at the centre of their own decision path.

Facing such a decisive process can generate stress. This is why our programme teaches managing difficulty as a challenge, enjoying it and making good use of it to learn.

Furthermore, as a School, our objective is twofold: to help students choose a goal and to support them in reaching it. This is why we propose career guidance from Year 8 and as a personal curriculum where students work with tools that teach them to set goals and to use resources to reach them:
• Emotional aspects: stress and even initial frustration, resistance to difficulties.
• Personal skills: proactivity, entrepreneurship, problem solving.
• Communication skills: management, active search.
From the Counselling Service, we guide the student in the use of these tools to solve problems.

Internship in Organisations Programme

Our students have the unique opportunity to have an introduction to the working world thanks to our Internship in Organisations Programme (Curricular Year 11, optional Year 10, Year 12, and alumni up to the age of 25). For many students, this is the confirmation of a professional vocation, while for others, this experience makes them realise that they do not want to study the career they were considering.

In any case, our students learn skills that will be very useful to them in their future job and help them learn about the realities of some of the professions that interest them the most.


Upon reaching Baccalaureate, our students can choose between two degrees based on their interests and objectives, both being entirely and equally valid for the national degree when choosing and accessing the University in Spain: the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme and the High School Diploma (US Diploma).

For students who wish to access any university in Andalusia or at the national level, we work in Baccalaureate for the University Admission Assessment Test (PEvAU), and our students have excellent results year after year.

In addition, in foreign universities it facilitates the procedure, since it does not need the validation (homologación) of each country.

Click here to consult the 2021 results in the Selectivity and the IB Diploma.

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