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The students of San Francisco de Paula College can attend classes in judo and JIU-Jitsu (self-defence), which have been declared sports of social interest for early childhood education by UNESCO. The Martial Arts Asahi Kan Club, which holds the Diploma for Merited Sports from the Spanish Judo Federation, has spent more than thirty years developing the important role of sports training and ethics among its members. Among other milestones, the Club organises the Asahi Kan trophy, which involves clubs from Andalusia and Portugal.

The image below has information about prices and class schedules, as well registration according to age, these classes are only for students in the College. Adults and students from other institutions wishing to enrol in any of the disciplines that we teach need to register with the teacher at the School, between 17.30-21.00 pm.

Instructor: Ms Encarnación Cabrerizo
From the 19th of September to the end of the academic year
Primary- Year 1Monday14:00 a 15:00Viernes15:00 a 16:00College 45€

Children’s Judo45€

Children’s Judo II 49€

Adult Judo 54€

Judo Jiu Jitsu 50€

Primary- Year 2Monday14:00 a 15:00Wednesday15:00 a 16:00
Primary- Year 3Friday13:00 a 14:00Monday15:00 a 16:00
Primary- Year 4Friday15:00 a 16:00Monday16:00 a 17:00
Primary- Year 5Wednesday13:00 a 14:00Friday14:00 a 15:00
Primary- Year 6Wednesday13:00 a 14:00Friday14:00 a 15:00
Secondary- Year 7Monday13:00 a 14:00Wednesday14:00 a 15:00
Secondary- Year 8Monday13:00 a 14:00Wednesday14:00 a 15:00

*This timetable is provisional and can be subject to change depending on the P.E timetable of the College.

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*Students of the College only.

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