3D Design and Printing

///3D Design and Printing
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3D Design and Printing

Unit 1 How did the 3D work start? How can 3D work change the world? What useful things can we print? What other not so useful things can we print? 3D printing process Unit 2 Different 3D printing technologies The 3D printer 3D printing limitations Unit 3 Learning how to design our first figures (free software Tinkercard or Freecad) Unit 4 Sending your designs to the 3D printer (free software Cura) 3D Printer settings 3D Printer problem solving Unit 5 Learning how to search for designs and sharing yours Maker communities

Minimum 6 students per group.

From October to May.

480€ in two payments:

  • 300 € in November.
  • 180 € in February.
Year 4 & Year 5 Wednesday 17.00 to 19.00
Year 6 & Year 7 Thursday 17.30 to 19.30
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