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Mandarin Chinese

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Mandarin Chinese

Teacher: D. Ming Yi Chou
From October to  May
Celeste Group – Level 1 (beginners)Wednesday13:30 a 14:10Friday13:20 to 14:10€64 per month from October to May
Pink Group – Level 2 (adult beginners)Monday18:15 a 19:45Wednesday18:15 to 19:45
Green Group – Level 3– preliminary)Monday14:10 a 15:00Wednesday14:10 to 15:00
Violet Group – Level 4Tuesday14:10 a 15:00Friday14:10 to 15:00
Yellow Group- Level 5Tuesday13:20 a 14:10Thursday14:10 to 15:00
Purple Group – Level 6Monday13:20 a 14:10Thursday13:20 to 14:10
Turquoise Group – Level 7

(very advanced level)

Tuesday17:10 a 18:00Wednesday17:10 to 18:00
Level 8 -Orange & Red Group  (advanced)Wednesday17:10 a 18:00Thursday17:10 to 18:00
Level 1 – Adults  (beginners)Thursday17:30 a 19:30Wednesday17:10 to 18:00
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