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The Music School

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The Music School

Supported jointly by the School and a group of musicians (most of them teachers at the Seville Symphony Orchestra), the Music School offers a qualified musical education to all those who want to initiate in the art of music or want to perfect their musical knowledge. It is open to students from any educational center from as young as 4 years old.

The students of the School have priority to access the classes of the different instrumental specialties that are taught in the Music School: piano, violin, cello, classical guitar, harp, viola, flute, clarinet, trombone and percussion. There is also the possibility of receiving oboe, bassoon, trumpet and trumpet classes. All instrument classes are individual during midday and afternoon.

The Music School regularly organizes general concerts of its students (winter and summer). In addition, it offers performances by students for the other children of the School, who see the cultural offer enriched thanks to their classmates.

The Curriculum of the Music School consists of four degrees: Children (3 to 6 years), Preelemental (6 to 8 years), Elementary (8 and 9 years) and Middle (from 12-13 years). For the first three, the only subject is Musical Language, beginning the individual classes with instrument at 4 years old. Elementary and Middle degrees are taught theoretical subjects. In the middle one, some electives are recommended, such as auditive education and musical language, harmony, analysis and musical forms, history of music, instrumental ensemble, chamber music or accompaniment (for pianists).

There are also special extension courses, taught by teachers of Aula Especial de Música, open to all those who want to expand their studies of the instrument. There are no age limits.

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