The Music School

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The Music School

The school’s specialised program has been forming young musicians for more than 20 years now. Founded originally by musicians of the ROSS (Real Orquesta Sinfónica de Sevilla) in conjunction with SFP, the music school has, over the years, maintained it’s commitment to excellence in musical education, providing a structured and nurturing environment for children of all ages and abilities to develop their musical skills. The music school offers classes in a variety of instruments; piano, violin, classical guitar, harp, cello, viola, flute, clarinet, and trombone (with the possibility of classes in other orchestral instruments as demand arises) along with music theory, chamber music and special workshops for composition and percussion.

The school is structured with four levels that roughly correspond to age and experience: Infantil (4 to 6 years), Pre-elemental (6 to 8 years), Elemental (from 8 years) and Medio (from 12-13 years and up). In first phase the children participate in “Music and Movement” workshops where they begin to acquire musical reflexes and rudimentary understanding of musical ideas through lively song, dance and game activities appropriate to their developmental stage. In the Pre-Elemental phase the children begin individual instrument classes receiving two 30 minute classes each week from their designated teacher. This is complimented by one 60 minute “musical language” class where they begin with simple concepts of music theory and reading, and begin to develop their musical ear. In the Elemental level the student continues to develop their instrumental skills. The student receives an individual class of one hour each week along with a one hour theory class and also a biweekly session of chamber music, meant to stimulate and highlight the social and communication related character of music making. In the last phase the more advanced students dig deeper into instrumental technique in all its complex facets and begin to understand and control the subtleties of interpretation and performance.

This year we have also introduced a special workshop in Music Composition and Creation (starting October) which is directed at high school aged students (7th grade and up) which does not require previous musical training, and which will take place once a week in 60 minute sesiones throughout the school year. This workshop is meant to transmit fundamental musical practices and concepts to students who have a love for music but, for whatever reason, never had the opportunity or motivation to undertake formal music studies. The workshop will culminate in a special performance related project. It is limited to 20 individuals and, in the event of them not being completely filled by students, will also be open to adults.

The school organises at least two general student concerts each year, at christmas and in spring, as well as less formal concerts for their fellow classmates.

More information about the Music School:

Pre-school Workshops  3, 4 and 5 years 2 classes per week, 45 minutes each 68 €
Pre-Elemental 6 and 7 years Two individual 30 minute instrument classes per week
One 60 minute musical language class per week
203 €
Elemental- Years 1 to 4 8 years and up One 60 minute instrument class per week
One 60 minute music theory class per week
One 60 minute chamber music class (biweekly)
230 €
Intermediate Level 12 years and up One 60 minute instrument class per week
One 60 minute chamber music class (biweekly)
240 €


to be paid with activities in November
90 €
ENROLMENT RESERVATION will be discounted from last receipt (May-June) of 2020-21 school year


All students enrolled at SFP -10%
Siblings enrolled
2º sibling -15%
3º sibling -20%
The last billing period will be in May, 2019 and will include monthly fees for May and June discounting the reservation fee paid in June of 2018
In June of 2021 place reservation is billed for the coming school year to all students who have returned reservation request forms which are handed out in month of May for said purpose. New students will pay reservation fee when formalizing their Music School inscription.
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