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Primary PEP-PYP (Y1 – Y5)

We deliver the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program to students between the first and fourth year of primary. With this implementation, the School aims to make the most of the rapid development that takes place in the early years of childhood to achieve learning.

Description of Programme

The PYP provides a curriculum in which traditional learning areas are enriched with interdisciplinary approaches, aimed at improving students’ knowledge and basic concepts (what they should know and understand), but also to enable them to develop social skills, of communication, reflection and research, to foster positive attitudes towards themselves and others, and to promote their ability to ‘do’ through the practical application of acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes.

In Primary, the student’s ethical and social values ​​are cultivated, as well as the habits of self-organization and study, promoting the autonomy of the child from the age of six, along with a good work ethic and the eagerness to overcome challenges. Attention is also paid to the experimental introduction of scientific concepts, through activities carried out in the classroom or in the laboratories that the student starts to attend in their first year of primary.

With computers and digital whiteboards, the children are introduced to the use of new technology, and they develop a perception of them as a working tool. At this level, classes in San Francisco de Paula have an educational load that is 36% higher than most schools.

We continue to develop the International Baccalaureate program for these ages. We are a secular School where most families have chosen religious studies in the Catholic faith. To honour this choice, Religion will be a one-hour per week elective subject taught within the regular school day. Those families who would like different alternatives are offered the following activities:

  • Chess.
  • Creative writing.
  • Art workshop.
  • Reading Club.
  • Math Olympics.

Languages and Music

During the first years of Primary, we reinforce French up to two hours per week and keep teaching drama lessons in French. German one-hour period disappears from the curriculum.

Families can opt for Mandarin Chinese or Arabic as a third foreign language. This option will be available up until Year 5 (inclusive).

From this point onwards, music is taught in Spanish. In the higher Years, students can join orchestral groups.

The Qualification of our Teachers

Teachers are native speakers of the language through which they teach so that they can introduce the students not only to the language but also to the culture in which it has developed, fostering intercultural knowledge and understanding.

What sets us apart?

Families will be informed about actions carried out by the School and its Teachers for the successful implementation of the programme, with particular attention paid to the contributions they could make.

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