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Pre-school (EPS, PS, PK, K)

In the San Francisco de Paula Pre-school, we teach the International Baccalaureate Primary School Programme in the pre-school as well as in the first two years of the primary cycle.

Programme Description

Our aim is to make the most of the rapid development that occurs in the first years of childhood ensuring that students are taught competencies that the Spanish education system traditionally lacks.

To do this, the PYP provides a curriculum in which the traditional areas of learning are enriched by interdisciplinary approaches. The curriculum is oriented towards improving the knowledge and the basic concepts of the students (what they should know and understand), but also to enable them to develop social skills, communication, reflection, and research. The curriculum also aims to encourage the students to foster positive attitudes towards themselves and others and to promote their ability to ‘do’ through the practical application of knowledge, skills, and attitudes acquired.

The student is the key figure in the educational process: not only do they work on content, skills and concepts, but also on a series of values, which are summarised in the attributes of the Profile of the Learning Community.

This profile consists of the expression of a wide range of capacities and human responsibilities that go far beyond the academic field and help us to inspire an international mindset in the students.


Lessons are taught in Spanish, English, and French with an introduction to the global literacy method, and according to the following scheduled:

2/3 of the school hours are taught in English, preparing the children for a more formal learning as they progress through the years.
Introduction to music taught in Spanish through play in groups of 5 children in 45-minute lessons.
Mandarin Chinese or Arabic, – depending on the parents’ choice – a third of the school day. This will then become the student’s second foreign language (during Early Pre-school).

Lessons are reinforce in later years with STEaM, taught in Spanish.

Our Staff´s Qualifications

Our professionals are qualified in early childhood education, and languages are taught by native teachers. This allows students develop respect for other cultures and customs and to encourage the curiosity of the child to broaden their experiences getting to know different realities.

What sets us apart?

Any changes made by the School or Teachers to improve the educational programme will be duly communicated to families, particularly in cases where the family itself can make a contribution.

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