Collaborating organisations

Our School has always been completely open with its environment in various fields and sectors.

More than 75 companies participate in our Internship in Organisations Programme, our Pre-School students often visit the local shops to apply class content, and we go on school trips to get to know companies and entities of interest to our students…

We collaborate with more than 35 different non-profit organisations. For example, we collaborate with Save the Children to organise the annual ‘Kilometres of Health Race’ and we participate in the Food Bank’s two main collections every year.

We have a ‘UNHCR Solidarity Centre’ seal (the UN agency for refugees) and we have built and maintain a school in India with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.

Our students learn to be caring by getting to know about other realities first-hand through these collaborators with whom we work annually and through all those that we will continue to add in the future.

We also actively collaborate with the Maestranza Theatre and the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville, supporting our city’s culture.

Universities around the world

A day of meetings with a wide selection of high-quality national and international university educational providers.

This is held on a Saturday morning so that students can come with their families, and we open this opportunity to the whole city, with the goal of sharing this opportunity to personally meet representatives from different university institutions.

Agencies specialising in university studies abroad also come to inform our students about the timelines, scholarships, and options available in each country.

Throughout the day, different informative meetings take place in face-to-face or online conference format, to further the academic offer and clarify doubts about the different options.

Education Sector

In our desire to expand our horizons and collaborate with centres in other countries, we belong to the following organisations:

• International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB): a non-profit foundation created in 1968 and headquartered in Switzerland. As of May 2020, there were 7,002 programmes offered in 5,284 schools in 158 countries. IB schools are united and collaborate with each other with the same goal of building a better world through education. The School is maintained under the supervision and inspection of the International Baccalaureate, whose programmes provide an additional guarantee of quality and multicultural and global vision to education.

• Since 2001, our Centre has been successfully passing the accreditation process of Cognia (an agency accredited by the United States Government), thanks to which we have been the first centre in Seville to receive authorisation from the US Embassy to teach its education system.

• Iberian Association of International Baccalaureate Schools (ASIBI): a non-profit organisation made up of private and public schools that offer IB programmes. This union of schools seeks to promote synergies and to create a common space for the development of our educational community.

• The Educational Collaborative for International Schools (ECIS): a network of more than 425 schools and 35,000 educators in 75 countries, which is united to promote innovative practices in their communities. Founded in 1965, this non-profit organisation offers support in areas such as teacher training, leadership promotion, staff selection and human resources, management, and consulting.

• YPO: a community of global leaders with more than 29,000 executives in130 different countries. Each of the member organisations has recognised leaders who achieved success in their youth.

• International Schools Association (ISA): an international non-governmental organisation and the first educational NGO to obtain consultative status with UNESCO. Since 1951, ISA has been dedicated to consulting and providing educators with the guidance needed to help schools define their understanding of the term “international” in education.

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