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Why our School?

1. Focused on the future.
The student learns with an eminently practical methodology and is trained in skills and abilities through real challenges.

2. Truly focused on the individuality of each student.
With resources, procedures and professionals that help you to establish and develop your personal, social and emotional life.

3. International mindset.
Our 100% IB, bilingual profile with an introduction to multilingualism and multiculturalism prepares students for an increasingly interrelated world.

4. Our educational community is waiting for you with open arms.
At the end of the day, we are like a second family to our students. We love welcoming new members and we are looking forward to meeting you.


2021 results.

High School Diploma Students’ results in the Selectivity. Assessment Tests for University Access:

  • 96,8% pass (30 of 31).
  • Average grade of our approved students in the access phase: 8,2 (out of 10).
  • Maximum grade of our approved HSD students: 9,75 (out of 10).
  • 23,33% of our students (7) obtained 9 points (out of 10) or more.


International Baccalaureate Students’ results in the Diploma Program:

  • 97,5% (39 of 40) of the enrolled students obtained the Diploma.
  • Average grade of our approved BI students: 35,78 (out of 45).
  • Maximum grade of our approved BI students: 45 (out of 45).
  • 48,72% of our BI students (19) obtained 35 points (out of 45) or more.
  • 20,51% of our BI students (8) obtained 40 points (out of 45) or more.


HSD and IB Students’ results in the Admission Phase:

  • Average of the Admission Phase: 11.23.
  • Maximum grade of our approved students: 14 (out of 14).
  • 35,48% of the students (22) obtained 12 points (out of 14) or more.
  • 17,74% of the students (11) obtained 13 points (out of 14) or more.


External acknowledgments of the last three years

  • Our student Julia del Palacio Lirola won the Young Award for Scientific Culture of the Seville City Council, within Mode A) Awards for Research Vocation with her Monograph on Biology: Determination of reduction of pain during vaccination using a thermodynamic device.
  • Year 10 students were classified as finalists in the II Olimpiadas de Ciencias Ambientales de la Facultad de Ciencias Experimentales de la Universidad Pablo de Olavide.
  • The newspaper ‘El Mundo’ included our School in the list of the 30 best international centers in Spain in its famous ‘Ranking de los 100 mejores colegios’.
  • The student Nicolás Alonso Pardal obtained the second place in Masterchef Junior.
  • K students were classified as finalists in the Global Canvas Children’s Contest.
  • The newspaper ‘El Español’ included our School in its selection of ‘Best schools in Spain’.
  • Forbes magazine placed the School at number 10 in its ranking of the fifty best schools in Spain. We were the first Center from Seville and Andalusia in the list.
  • 92% of the students between 14 and 17 years old (87 out of 94) presented to B2 or higher level of the Cambridge Diplomas passed (the minimum required by the Andalusian Administration to teach English classes in centers recognized as bilingual).


  • The director of the College, Mr. Luis Rey Goñi, was appointed Honorary Consul of Luxembourg for Western Andalusia .
  • The College represented Spain in the preconferences of the International Baccalaureate Congress . Our Director and Vice Director of Learning and Teaching spoke about strategic planning according to the EFQM model.
  • The director Mr. Luis Rey Goñi, representing the Association of Private and Independent Schools – CICAE, participated in the Working Group for a Social Pact for Education in Andalusia in the Andalusian Parliament </ strong >
  • Doña María Jesús Ramos Sotillo, PYP teacher, won the V Educatividad Awards (Primary section), organized by the Santillana publishing house for her videos on Mathematics during confinement.
  • The student Carmen Sanz Valero, from Year 10, won the second prize in the Rosalía Sala Vallejo Short Story and Essay Literary Contest with her story ‘Always at the same time, always the same garment’.
  • The student Rosendo M. Liezma premiered online his first feature film ‘Good night’ with great success.
  • The student Karma Saad won the First Prize Non-Fiction Mode of the International Short Film Competition ‘Covid 19 International Student Film Festival’ (Michigan, United States).
  • Student Jaime Medina Maya won his 4th grade category in the Pangea Mathematics Contest .
  • A work by Professor Ms. Rosie Hernández was selected to be presented at the 3rd World Education Congress EDUCA 2020 in Santiago de Compostela.
  • The works of Professor Ms, Rosie Hernández “Corazón Contento” and “Confinados Pero Motivados” were selected and presented at the 5th edition of the EDUNOVATIC Congress (virtual).
  • The student Ángela Cebolla Sousa publishes her internal evaluation in Biology of the International Baccalaureate in the scientific journal Moleqla of the Pablo de Olavide University .
  • D. Víctor Jiménez and D. Diego Canales, Chemistry and Mathematics Professors respectively, are recognized as Microsoft Innovate Educator Expert for the 2020-21 course by Microsoft.
  • The Deputy Director of Curriculum, Mr. Germán Tenorio, is recognized as Nearpod Certified Educator by Nearpod, an international educational platform for online teaching.
  • The Head of Dp. of Science, Mr. Mark Polko, attends an International Baccalaureate Educators Network (IBO) training course obtaining recognition as Online Science Workshop Facilitator for MYP and DP .
  • Student Patricia Martinez Villalba won the SuperTMatik Mental Calculation Online Championship.


  • The Deputy Director of Curriculum, Mr. Germán Tenorio, attends a training course of the International Baccalaureate Educators Network, obtaining the recognition of Local Program Representative .
  • The School was recognized in the Sports Gala of the Municipal Sports Institute with the award for the educational center that most promotes sport in the capital .
  • The director of the School, Mr. Luis Rey Goñi, was appointed one of the three new members of the Council of the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville (Diario de Sevilla).
  • The student Luna De Stephanis Ginés was Andalusian Synchronized Swimming Champion with Club Natación Sincro Sevilla.
  • The student Ali Berker achieved the first place in the children’s category in the Junior Scorable Events (Murcia), one of the most prestigious national events for young golfers in Spain, and finished fifth in front to the 91 best players in Spain.
  • The student Noël Briand was Andalusian Chess Champion .
  • Student Jaime Medina was runner-up in the sub 12 category of the San José Chess Tournament and our teacher D. Cristian Silva, champion in the absolute category .
  • The student Javier Vaca Cabeza wins the VIII Popular Race of Santa Clara .
  • The student José Luis Narbona Valiente (Year 12) wins the silver medal of the National Phase of the Physics Olympiad , organized by the Royal Spanish Physics Society at the University of Salamanca.
  • The students Claudia Palomero Sánchez, Carmen del Rosario Fernández Peña and Manuela Pico López-Lago obtain second place in the OM Thales Primary Mathematics Seville for Primary .
  • The former student, son and father of a student, Gervasio Iglesias Macías co-directs the documentary about Alejandro Sanz, winner of the Latin Grammy .
  • Three students obtain first prizes for students in the I National Poetry Contest ‘Alas de Papel’ .
  • Professor Ms. Rosie Hernández was speaker at II Mindfulness and Education Conference in Seville.
  • A work by Professor Ms. Rosie Hernández was selected to be presented at the 2nd World Education Congress, EDUCA 2019 in Santiago de Compostela.
  • The Deputy Director of Curriculum, Mr. Germán Tenorio, attends a training course of the International Baccalaureate Educators Network (IBO) obtaining the recognition of Head of the School Visit Team .
  • The Head of Dp. of Plastic Arts and Technology, Mr. Julio Peinado, is recognized as member of the accreditation team of the Cognia agency .

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