Our teaching staff selection process is very special. We are convinced that no one is better than our department heads to lead the selection process of new teaching staff, thus ensuring that the candidates have our same spirit and share our values that set us apart as a School.

We also have a solid training plan for all teaching staff that responds to common challenges, while accommodating individual requests from teachers who want to learn more about certain pedagogical and methodological aspects.

It also encourages the participation of teachers in national and international conferences, their involvement in training other teachers, and to visit other teaching institutions to learn about and share different educational practices.

Thanks to our commitment to a digital skills training plan for all School teaching staff, we were able to start online classes at all levels from Pre-School to Baccalaureate on the first day after the declaration of the State of Alarm decreed on March 14, 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Being prepared, one step ahead of the circumstances in the changing world such as the one that we live in today, is a fundamental value of our commitment to consistent and sustainable progress.

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