16 and 17 years old – Year 11 and Year 12

Students have a wide variety of baccalaureate modalities, designed both for those who prefer a more general option since they have not chosen a career yet as well as for those who prefer a more specific content according to their interests.

The Career Guidance programme, especially focused on guiding students in the last two years of their school education and on the decisions that this entails, ends after two years.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (PD)

It is characterised by its methodology, which focuses on the development of specific skills linked to the students’ future academic and professional career: the investigative approach, the use of new technologies, the practice of scientific research, the critical analysis of literary works, styles, and authors, field work, the use of historical sources, the analysis and processing of information, commitment to the community, independence and leadership, entrepreneurship, etc.

With this goal, the Diploma Programme offers three lines of work that also count toward and are decisive in the student’s education and evaluation, beyond the purely academic. Thus, through CAS (Creativity, Activity, and Service), students are evaluated on their independence and ability to act in the environment, through their involvement in the development of creative, physical, and service activities for the local community.

The International Baccalaureate gives its own tests at the end of the cycle, the results of which are valid to study both in Spain (depending on the regulation of the different autonomous communities) and abroad, being one of the most recognised and prestigious educational programmes worldwide.

Students who choose this modality and who want to attend a university in Andalusia have to take the specific tests of the admission phase of the PEvAU (University Admission Assessment Test) to complete their application, in cases where the admission requirement score is especially high.

High School Diploma (HD) / (US Diploma)

It is characterised by its combination of a specific approach in the comprehensive preparation of the PEvAU (University Admission Assessment Test), a greater variety of professional fields, and the International Baccalaureate methodology, which our teaching staff uses in their US Diploma classes.

For its design and execution we have collaborated with top-notch executives and professionals, and it includes practices in many cases.

Students who opt for this modality have to take the full PEvAU tests (both the access phase and the admission phase).

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