We are convinced that the proper use of digital resources has two important benefits for students:
• Maximise their learning possibilities.
• Get them used to the very use of these resources and to the evolution that they experience.
That is why we teach them to use the devices and media responsibly, both individually and in their interactions with others.

STEaM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Maths)

We develop STEaM skills from EPS (early pre-school) and throughout the PYP (Primary Years Programme) stage. It is a learning model based on learning these disciplines, not as separate areas of knowledge, but in an integrated way, with an interdisciplinary approach.

There is a specific weekly session with specialised teaching staff in each group, as well as material adapted to different ages, from Bee-Bots for the youngest students to the most advanced LEGO robots and professional design and animation programmes, including Arduino, Raspberry-Pi, and a wide variety of other resources.

Work Tools

Our students occasionally use digital tablets starting in EPS, working independently in the search for information from Year 3.

They incorporate personal computers into their daily lives starting in secondary education, learning computer software and using different tools in their presentations, research projects, analysis, and tasks to turn in.

Communications Tools

We accustom our students to the professional use of email and video conferencing. To do this, each student has an Office 365 account, which allows them to use Teams as a collaborative work tool, as in the case of 93 of the Fortune 100 companies.

Design of new realities

Our students learn to bring their projects to life, whether through applications, video games, or 3D printing. They start in solutions that make use of virtual reality and augmented reality, expanding the limits of their imagination and developing a knowledge of programming and innovation that will be of great use to them in the future.

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