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Families are a key element so that we can fulfill the objectives and purposes that the School proposes each year.
That is why, during our admission process, we try to ensure that families receive all the necessary information about our educational project so that they feel completely secure in making such an important decision.

What is the admission process?


Application form

Below you will find our application form. Once you complete it and send it to us, we will contact you to fulfill your request.


Interview and private visit

We will call you for an interview with our Admissions Manager so that he can inform personally about the functioning of the School according to the degree your child would be attending. We can also arrange a meeting with the corresponding pedagogical Coordinator in case of more academic-oriented doubts. Later, we will begin the private visit to our facilities. We prefer to schedule it during school hours so that they can see firsthand how the children work in the classroom and the approach and methodology we follow.


Personal Interview

There will be a personal interview with the student in order to know their affinity with the degree that they want to access, to recognize their needs and to identify their strengths.


Resolution and Enrollment

Once the first steps have been taken, the Center will communicate to each family the resolution on the admission of the student. To formalize the admission, the enrollment form must be completed, once the enrollment period for incoming students is communicated.

Ms. María Isabel Goñi Fernández

Director of the Children’s School
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