2021-2022 Academic Year

/2021-2022 Academic Year
2021-2022 Academic Year2020-10-01T12:53:50+01:00

The world changes, children and youth needs evolve and the educational offer must keep up to the task of bringing maximum value to our students. The team deploying this plan on a daily basis equals a full-time adult every six and a half students. Amongst the highly varied plan, we would like to underline the beginning and the end.

Early Pre-School, for two year olds, is a cornerstone in our educational project, at an age when learning is living and living is playing, discovering and marvelling:

19 h/week in English facilitate two years’ condensed progress, laying the linguistic foundations for the upcoming programme of enquiry.

10 h/week in Arabic or Chinese, also equivalent to a two years’ advancement at the following grades’ pace, so that such a different language may be acquired in a more natural way.

The baccalaureate, on the other hand, has been redesigned and further developed. Seventeen tracks, the richest offer in Spain, along two main guidelines.

The International Baccalaureate guarantees traditional academic excellence in seven modalities designed to reach the best academic training for the university.

Our US Diploma combines academic excellence with specific contents addressing innovative professional domains. They have been designed in collaboration with top-notch companies and executives.

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