Singularity University

Through its Goñi and Rey Foundation, our school maintains strong links with Singularity University, the most advanced educational institution in the world in training on new exponential technologies, endorsed by Google and located on the NASA Research Park campus in Silicon Valley, one of the world's main innovation hubs. 
The Goñi and Rey Foundation was in fact the promoter of what has so far been the largest European Singularity University Summit, held in 2015 in Seville, which resulted in the creation of SingularityU Sevilla, the first chapter created by Singularity University - together with the centre in Tel Aviv - outside its founding geographical area in California, and which aims to promote knowledge and the application of new exponential technologies, developing training, awareness, innovation and networking. 
Thanks to these links, our school is able to offer its students the first global adaptation of a Singularity University course to the Baccalaureate. It is specifically an adaptation of the Graduate Studies Program, a ten-week summer course for executives. According to the methodology of this course, students are required to develop an entrepreneurial project based on new technologies, after receiving an overview of the major future challenges for strategic sectors, and how technology is having an impact on them, opening new possibilities for growth and innovation.

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