Reinforcing our tradition of progress

The results of this wager on future progress are now well known. All the School’s students –including those in Pre-School– from the lowest to the highest levels, follow a bilingual syllabus (Spanish and English), which is complemented by French and German classes, and are taught by native speakers. Furthermore, new technologies (virtual campus, interactive whiteboards, classrooms with Internet access, etc.) are part and parcel of daily life in the School, and form part of both the education and learning process and of communication with the education community. Moreover, the School’s teaching and assessment methodologies have experienced great advances, inspired by some of the most prestigious educational programs and institutions in the world. 
The two key milestones in the School’s recent history have been the implementation of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organisation’s three main programs: the Diploma Program, for Secondary students, from the year 1998-99, and the International Baccalaureate, for Baccalaureate students, from 2009-10; and the Primary Years Programme since the 2013/2014 course, for the first four years of Primary Education. These programs have required significant investment in terms of facilities, equipment, technology and, above all, teacher training. 
In October 2009, Colegio de San Francisco de Paula hosted the World Congress of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Organisation, the first time it was ever hosted in Spain. This congress gathered together hundreds of head teachers from schools across five continents, with experts in education, to share ideas and experiences regarding how to deal with some of the most difficult challenges facing Education in the Global Society and Information. 
Months before this very important date in the School’s history, on the 12 September 2009, Luis Rey Romero, former Head Teacher and father of Luis Rey Goñi, its current Head, passed away. Three years earlier, in June 2006, Luis Rey Romero was honoured by his students and colleagues, and the entire city, with the unveiling by Seville’s Town Council of a street bearing his name. 
In recounting the School’s recent history we should also note the recognition and accreditation of its activities and academic methodologies by other prestigious educational institutions, such as Advanc-ed International, and the quality certification ISO 9001. 
In addition, we should also highlight the recognition received by the School’s students in recent years, in light of their academic achievements and success. These include ten special Baccalaureate prizes, first and second national Educared prizes and various medals in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematical Olympiads.

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