Children from between 3 and 6 years old are catered for by the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula Pre-School, which operates independently from the School but coordinates closely with it. The Pre-School follows a bilingual syllabus –Spanish and English– and introduces French. For children who find the syllabus more difficult, there is a support system available in the following areas: Logic-Mathematics; Communication and Language and Science, Geography and History (in English). 
Since 2013/2014, and as a candidate center, and since 2016/2017 as an authorized center, the Primary Years Programme of the International Baccalaureate (IB) is taught to students from Pre-School to year 4 of Primary School. With this implementation, the school aims to use the rapid development taking place during the first years of childhood to achieve a more meaningful learning based on competencies, which is the Spanish educational system traditional deficiency.
To do so, the PEP provides a curriculum framework in which traditional learning areas are enriched with transdisciplinary approaches, focused on improving the basic knowledge and concepts of students (what they should know and understand), but also developing social, communicative, reflective and inquiry skills, encouraging students to adopt positive attitudes towards themselves and the others and, at the same time, promoting their capacity to "make" through the practical application of the knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired.
This entire educational project is based on the student-centered approach that supports the holistic development of children, nurturing their emotional, social, language, cognitive, and physical needs. The aim of the programme is to develop responsible, internationally minded people who go beyond the strictly academic sphere and help to create a more peaceful world. The PYP curriculum therefore focuses on developing the IB learner profile attributes in students. The profile aims to develop learners who are:
- Inquirers
- Knowledgeable
- Thinkers
- Communicators
- Principled
- Open-minded
- Caring
- Risk-takers
- Balanced
- Reflective
With the IB learner profile as a key element, the implementation of the PYP will mean to extend the formative / summative evaluation to a stage where it has not been presented yet, which will ensure better continuity of evaluation system and will get the students to receive a consistent message throughout the different stages of education.
As we are also implementing methodological innovation projects at other grade levels, the development of the PYP Program of Inquiry is a part of our School culture. The families will be provided with full information of the actions taken by the School and its teachers for the successful implementation of the program, with particular attention to the contributions they could make.
To find out more about the Pre-School, email or download this file. 

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