Objective and purposes

Colegio de San Francisco de Paula’s objective is to provide quality education, founded on the principles of respect and hard work, that is not affiliated to any exclusivist ideology or concept in relation to the world or to people. It aims to make a rich, singular and innovative contribution to the teaching of responsible, caring, independent and educated citizens of the world, in a supportive and attentive environment. 
Our educational aims are to combine our institution’s traditional values and its original spirit of openness with the values required and demanded by the modern world. Our approach is also influenced by globalisation and the unstoppable advance of new technologies, phenomenon that have, paradoxically, been accompanied by an increase in social inequality. 

Personal development

1st Stimulate students’ sense of ethics, their intellectual curiosity, creativity, free will, their pride in their work, critical faculties and sincere search for the truth. 
2nd Instil in students a sense of world citizenship and the ability to live within society. Encourage them to fulfil their obligations and to respect the environment, other people and other people’s customs and rights, in addition to valuing their own customs and rights through the appropriate legal and social channels. 
3rd Encourage students to actively consider other people, social and environmental problems and to contribute to a better world, by seeking to promote peace, freedom and solidarity and to prevent discrimination. 
4th Provide students with personalised attention and tutoring, in close consultation with their families or legal guardians. 
5th Educate students within a supportive environment, in such a way that they develop values relating to aesthetics and coexistence. 
6th Inspire in students a love for the correct usage of language, and for reflection and reading. 
7th Provide students with opportunities to meet people from other countries, cultures or mentalities. 
8th Guide students to help them choose their personal and professional future.

Intellectual development

9th Provide students with an education that combines the development of abilities – hard work, research, analysis, reasoning, lines of argument, expression, communication, organisation, planning, innovation, decisions and taking action - with the acquisition of knowledge, helping them to develop into educated people capable of living within society. 
10th Design an outstanding, varied educational offering for students that is highly academic and links to the world of science, technology, culture, industry and society. 
11th Provide teaching through different languages, with a special emphasis on Spanish and English. 

Physical development

12th Promote good hygiene habits, physical exercise, proper nutrition and health among students. 
13th Provide students with high quality nutritious food.

Social progress

14th Actively contribute to paedagogical progress, through research, the publication of materials and the development of methodologies. 
15th Facilitate the ongoing training and professional development of the School staff. 
16th Act as a cultural hub for the entire area, not just for the School students and staff. 
17th Make a significant contribution to society, through the provision of scholarships, the organising of social projects, the coordination of aid and, in general, helping to create a better future, whenever possible. 
In order to reach our objectives and achieve our aims, we believe that it is vital that families and the School work together, and that management, teachers and children alike make a sustained effort to ensure that Colegio de San Francisco de Paula’s students can successfully pursue the careers to which they aspire.

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