Our school prioritizes musical education, developed through a practical approach, aimed at familiarizing students with musical instruments. They also have the opportunity to attend different music concerts. 
We have signed collaboration agreements with the Royal Symphony Orchestra of Seville and the Maestranza Theatre. We provide both institutions with financial support because we believe they are fundamental institutions in the cultural life of the city and crucial for our students to be able to develop in an environment that offers them opportunities to grow intellectually and aesthetically. At the same time, members of the school community can attend symphony, opera and other rehearsals and performances in advantageous conditions,  which we believe to be essential for the development of educated individuals capable of enjoying the arts. 
We also have a Music School, which is promoted jointly with a group of professional musicians, where our students can receive extra piano, violin, cello, classical guitar, harp, viola, flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, horn and trombone tuition. All musical instrument classes are individual. 
The Music School organizes regular student concerts (in winter and summer). It also organizes student performances for the other children in the school. In this way, the students giving these performances enrich the cultural activities of their fellow students. 
We have also promoted an Adult choir, a Boy's Choir and a Sinfonietta Orchestra in collaboration with the Goñi and Rey Foundation. 
The Adult and Boy's Choirs are conducted by the teacher Rafael de Vega. It regularly offers boy's choir concerts. They sometimes give performances for audiences that would have little opportunity to attend such events, such as hospital patients and prisoners. 
The Sinfonietta Orchestra is formed by students who are studying musical instruments at the Music School or at other music conservatories in Seville and its province. The artistic director is Maestro Michael Thomas, assisted by the teachers Jacobo Díaz and José Manuel Martínez.

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