Mission, Vision and Values

Colegio de San Francisco de Paula’s Mission is to provide quality education, founded on the twin principles of respect and hard work, that is not affiliated to any exclusive ideology or concept in relation to the world or to people. It aims to make a rich, singular and innovative contribution to the teaching of responsible, caring, independent and educated citizens of the world, in a supportive and attentive environment. 
Our Vision is to be publicly recognised as a model of paedagogy for the South of Spain. We want to be known for our outstanding multilingual syllabus, our Middle Years Program, our teaching methodology and our community and charitable work. We want to be known for the intellectual and cultural, human and civic development of our students and their academic results, actions and professional development. We want these values and achievements to continue to support this public recognition and to provide a high level of satisfaction to our staff, students and families
Colegio de San Francisco de Paula’s fundamental Values are respect and hard work: 
  • Respect: all people, and the surroundings and the environment, above individual or group interests
  • Work: endeavour to improve yourself and show commitment to others by taking responsibility and pride in your work

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