Letter from the Director

Letter from the Director
Each person is individual and unique, and we all only get once chance at life – as far as we know! In addition, a child’s abilities are not only determined by their genes, but vary according to the amount of stimulation given to them and the individual effort they make.
Thus, the educational process is of vital importance, and this places a tremendous responsibility on teachers and schools alike. Here, at Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, we aim to collaborate with parents, who are their children’s primary educators, to provide the most meticulous, complete and personalised attention we can.
In the changing modern world, our future adults need to have a solid intellectual, ethical and physical grounding. They need to be able to find, select and analyse information with which to generate new understanding. They need to be able to build and cooperate in a collaborative way, to be conscious of each human being’s responsibility to the rest of society and to make the most of opportunities in a fair and balanced way. In essence, they need to have to the fundamental tools to allow them to develop fully and happily.
Personalised attention requires, firstly, a human environment of trust, encouragement and affection. Here at our School, through which many generations of pupils and colleagues have passed, we want children to feel at home. We place a great emphasis on affection, which is essential for fruitful education – as the best teachers have always known and recent studies in neurology have proven. The affection our many alumni hold for the School is the best evidence of this.
Learning is, of course, fundamental. Our School places the highest emphasis on fully developing every pupil’s abilities, within a program of paedagogical innovation, constant progress and investment, and the taking on of new challenges. The School’s approach to personalised attention includes the provision of numerous and varied individual and collective support mechanisms, and extracurricular activities to provide for students’ other interests.
In addition, emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships and openness to difference are carefully encouraged. The School’s tutoring system, psychopaedagogical services and international cooperation initiatives have acquired an increasing importance. The collaboration of international teachers from different countries facilitates language-learning and cross-cultural understanding - something that is crucial for the world of today and of tomorrow.
The world in general, and Spain, Andalusia and Seville in particular, needs capable professionals who have integrity. Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, through the affection, the varied stimuli, the paedagogical resources and the professional development it provides, hopes to make a contribution to a future society that is fairer, more knowledgeable and happier than the past.
Luis Rey Goñi
Head Teacher at Colegio de San Francisco de Paula

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