Judo and Jiu-Jitsu (personal defense), officially designated as social interest sports for children education by the UNESCO, have been taught in Asahi Kan School in Colegio San Francisco de Paula for more than 30 years. This specialized sport centre has been awarded with the Sports Merit Diploma of the Spanish Judo Federation and carries out an important work for sport training and ethical education within its members.
Martial Arts have emerged as a major complement for physical and psychological formation of young people, especially at an early age. In addition to favouring the development of aptitudes as muscle coordination or strength control, they help to build concentration, balance and emotional control.
Learning Judo at Asahi Kan starts at an early stage, during early childhood education. Students from Year 1 to Year 4 of Primary Education practice Judo twice a week, coinciding with one of their PE hours.
In the last years, the Judo School has been an important source of young athletes, many of whom have achieved scholarships provided by the Andalusian Judo Federation to pursue their careers, ranking to the top of national and local championships.

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