Music education, promoted for decades by Mr. Luis Rey Guerrero, receives considerable attention in our School.
The Special Music Room is a joint initiative of Colegio de San Francisco de Paula and a group of musicians, most of them teachers at the Royal Seville Symphony Orchestra. It is aimed at, without overlooking the leisure feature, ensuring that the students receive the distinctive training of a specialised field of study, offering a professional level qualified musical education within the organisational framework of the School. It is addressed to those who wish to start learning or those who want to keep deepening in their musical knowledge, and it is open to everyone interested, whether students of the School or not.
The Special Music Room offers classes of the following instrumental specialties: piano, violin, violoncello and classical guitar (from 5-6 years old), viola, transverse flute, harp, clarinet, trombone and percussion (from 8 years old). The Music Room also has oboe, bassoon, trumpet and horn teachers. Children from 4 to 6 years old have the chance of learning music through games in groups specially intended for this age. All instrumental classes are one to one.

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