In addition to language training, we promote an international mindset, encouraging respect for and interest in different cultures, ideologies and beliefs, in an environment of coexistence and acceptance of diversity, which aims to instil students with a cosmopolitan outlook and prepare them for the global society without borders.
For this reason, our Teaching Staff is composed of teachers from sixteen different nationalities: the UK, Ireland, China, USA, France, Germany, Holland, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Romania, Poland, Armenia and, of course, Spain. They introduce students to the socio-cultural realities of their respective countries. The number of foreign students at the school is also increasing every day.
In addition, our school participates in various international organizations and educational projects. Since 1998, it has formed part of the International Baccalaureate (IB), importing its Secondary and Baccalaureate syllabuses, and is currently in the process of obtaining authorization to start delivering the Primary Education Syllabus for Pre-School and Primary Education students. Also, since 2001, the quality of our teaching program has been accredited by Advanc-ED International and we are authorized by the US Embassy to start teaching the American educational system. Also, in the 2015-16 school year we embarked upon another initiative, in this case in Silicon Valley in California, and through the Singularity University, the most prestigious teaching institution specializing in exponential technologies and its application to major global challenges. Thanks to an initiative by the Goñi and Rey Foundation, our Baccalaureate students are participating in a technology-based entrepreneurship program, which is the first global adaptation of the programs of Singularity University to pre-university education. The students participating in this program are receiving a global view of major disruptive innovations that are taking place in the world.
All this is complemented by a full programme of activities and relationships at international level. With this goal in mind, exchanges with centres in other countries are promoted for students from an early age. In recent years, these have included most notably exchanges carried out with centres in England, Germany and France. Our school has also carried out cooperation projects with schools in countries such as Switzerland, Norway and Belgium, in addition to centres from the countries mentioned previously. 
Furthermore, the school promotes student participation in international contests, quizzes, tests and competitions. In this sense, in recent years we may highlight repeated participation in the Science Olympics or the Young European Parliament. Our students have also participated in the University of Cambridge exams Movers, Flyers, PET, First, Advanced and Proficiency, as well as equivalent exams in Chinese, French and German.
Many activities are also organized to allow students to discover other cultures, including the National Conferences, which are held every year just before Christmas and in which the school is transformed embracing the culture, customs and artistic expressions of a different country. 
Lastly, the school promotes student interest in guiding their academic future towards foreign universities. In recent years, universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, King's College, UCL, Edinburgh, Bristol and the Sorbonne have admitted students from our school.

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