The San Francisco de Paula school was founded in 1886 by Mr Francisco de Paula Ruiz Estévez and eleven years later, it was handed over to Mr José María Rey Repetto. Since then, the school has always been managed by members of various generations of the Rey family, giving continuity to its style and foundational values. 
Throughout its fruitful history, the San Francisco de Paula school has taught 18,000 students under the core principles of respect and hard work, which are the two key identity traits of this education project, open to the world and to the coexistence of different ideas.
It is the only private school in Seville which has maintained its original location in the city centre. The school was also the first and only school which, at the time, declined public funding. In the 1930s it was one of the first schools to accept girls. Furthermore, the San Francisco de Paula school has traditionally been the school with the best academic results in Seville or amongst the best ones. 
The entire history of the school has been characterised by the endeavour to preserve and mainstream its foundational values, under the motto of "respect and hard work". Additionally, there has always been a consistent focus on modernisation and continuous improvement and, whenever possible, innovation and anticipation. This principles can been seen throughout the various stages of its evolution, as can be read in detail in the book Recuerdos en torno a un patio (Memories around a Courtyard), in the following link.

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