Educational Program

The Colegio de San Francisco de Paula educational program draws on a century-old tradition based on the two fundamental principles of work and respect, in addition to a constant drive for paedagogical innovation. As a result, the School has been ahead of the curve, sometimes pioneering, in improving and making substantial advances in the application of new technologies, language teaching, complementary activities and experiments... 
Today, this commitment to innovation has been borne out in a dramatic transformation in methodology that requires more time, effort and resources. This transformation is being undertaken to bring our students closer to the standards of the best schools in Europe, where they produce the best equipped members of our next generations. Thus, Colegio de San Francisco de Paula, in accordance with the objectives and actions detailed in its Strategic Plan, employs a teaching method based on flexibility, interpretation, innovation, practical application, opportunities for progress, multidisciplinarity and cooperation
The advancement that these new educational methods represent is in line with the School’s tradition of progress. Colegio de San Francisco de Paula has always placed great importance on practices such as analysis and textual commentary, oral presentations, cultural excursions, contact with Nature and practical and scientific experiments – practices that have become more highly valued in light of recent paedagogical research. They have always been a part of our educational heritage and approach, based on the premise that students do not just learn by listening and studying, but by understanding, researching and experiencing reality directly – and that this is the best way to learn
The School’s most recent improvements are endorsed by the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), whose humanist principles are fully compatible with our School’s ideals. The IBO is a private foundation with headquarters in Geneva. It enjoys status as a consultant to UNESCO and is recognised by the European Council. It is the most respected institution in the field of international education, as much for its broad and balanced concept of education, as for the values that it promotes – giving students an international understanding and encouraging responsible civic behaviour. 
The IBO programs aim to produce students that are critical and humanitarian thinkers, informed on local and global matters, able to appreciate the common human bond between all people and respectful of the variety of cultures and attitudes that enrich life. Adapting to the criteria and requirements of the IBO has brought about the introduction of new methodologies and approaches to the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula educational program. These are especially evident at Secondary and Baccalaureate levels (in which the two International Baccalaureate programs are offered: the Middle Years Program and the Diploma Program), but can be seen throughout all levels. 
Under the influence of the principles of the International Baccalaureate Organisation, and adhering to the Bologna directives, Colegio de San Francisco de Paula prepares students to leave ready to integrate into an increasingly demanding and complex world. A world in which they are not only expected to speak foreign languages, to have an international perspective and to be able to work with new technologies, but one in which they are also expected to have new, fundamental skills, such as leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, public-speaking skills, an enterprising spirit…

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