Complementary and extracurricular programming

Our school offers a wide range of complementary and extracurricular activities. The former are organized during school hours and are fully integrated in the school's educational project. The latter are voluntary and organized outside school hours, but they are also consistent and aligned with our educational project.
Complementary activities are planned from the earliest levels of Primary education until the final levels of Baccalaureate, thus significantly helping students in their personal and academic progress while helping them to develop a esthetic sensitivity and artistic taste, greater civic mindedness and closer links with the local community. The program is designed not merely as a sum of activities but as a genuine educational program by ages, which starts at the same time as the academic year and is prepared before the start of each academic year. 
Each student at Colegio de San Francisco de Paula participates in an average of fifteen annual complementary activities, including most notably the following:
- Annual National Conferences devoted to a foreign country. 
- Cultural and scientific visits. 
- Debate forum. 
- Concerts and theatrical performances. 
- Solidarity activities. 
- Lectures.
The most noteworthy extracurricular activities include the following:
•Language classes (French, German, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese).
•Judo - Asahi Kan Martial Arts School.
•Theatre workshop.
•Workshop to promote creativity through art and architecture.
•Flamenco guitar workshop. 
•Teambuilding trips.
•Math Olympics.
•European Scientific Olympics.
•Physics and Chemistry Olympics. 
•Science Club.
•Opera and concerts for schoolchildren.
•Cambridge examinations.

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