Community services

Values are a core pillar of our school's educational projects, seeking to provide students with instruments to help them grow as autonomous and responsible individuals. In this area, the school has set itself the following objectives: 
•Accompany and guide students in the development of their ethical awareness, personal autonomy and social responsibility.
•Develop the concept and experience of a dignified life, seeking their own happiness and that of others.
•Reflect on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
•Discover and embrace the concepts of rights, duties and rules in connection with the basic values for life and coexistence.
All this training, implicit in all levels and areas of knowledge, is supported and strengthened by specific cooperative activities, starting at an early age and led by the tutors and teachers themselves, and often shared with parents. At higher levels, these solidarity and volunteer activities are channelled through a Youth Community Action Association (AJAC), formed, managed and led by the students themselves and supervised by two teachers at the school. This develops the students' autonomy, responsibility and leadership skills.
Collaborating in soup kitchens serving people without means, accompanying and talking to older people living in elderly peoples' homes, helping in homes for needy families, teaching children to read or do their homework, collaborating in fund-raising activities or in the selection and organization of items donated to NGOs, collaborating in waste collection and accompanying sick children ... these are just some of the voluntary activities organized by the AJAC, which more senior students do in their spare time, under the school's supervision. UNICEF, Oxfam Intermón, the Red Cross, Caritas, Seville Food Bank, Médicos sin Fronteras (Doctors Without Borders) or the Mehuer Foundation are some of the organizations with which our educational community collaborates.
In the certainty that no task is too insignificant, the School seeks to develop people who are enterprising and dynamic, who put aside indifference or indolence, aware of the role they must play as members of a community to which they can contribute proposals for improvement through calm and poignant reflection. The aim is for students to become pacesetters in the articulation of a more equitable and just society, supportive, flexible and tolerant with the most disadvantaged, who may even become the persons closest to us. 
The Community Service is also fully integrated into the school's educational project through the International Baccalaureate programs, which include areas related with Community Service that encourage students to consider and proposes concrete answers to the question of how they can help others.

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