Communicating with Parents

Colegio de San Francisco de Paula considers communication with parents to be one of the fundamental pillars of its educational model. This stems from the belief that parents’ responsibilities in terms of their children’s education cannot be delegated in any way. Therefore, in order to achieve the School’s educational aims, it is vital that parents closely follow their child’s progress, so that they are aware of, and respect, how the School dynamic functions. 
To enable them to following their child’s progress, regular communication between parents and the School is carried out through the student’s tutor. Tutors are available to families for consultation during their respective tutorial hours. Tutors aim to answer parents’ questions, exchange information on the best ways to improve the learning process and to facilitate parents’ cooperation with the educational work carried out by the School. 
This personalised attention, provided through the tutor, is the main channel of communication open to parents. However, in order to give parents more direct and instant access to information regarding their children’s progress, they also have access to an online platform, or Virtual Campus, where they can consult a variety of information, including their children’s marks in the different subjects. Logically, they can only access information regarding their own children. In order to access this platform, parents are given a password and a personalised access code. This should not be shared with students, who have their own login details to enable them to access information that is specifically for them. 
Parental cooperation is especially important in the first years of Primary education, when students lack independence. At this stage, families’ involvement and their respect for the School dynamic is vital to ensure the development of both their children’s learning habits and skills, and of the values of responsibility and respect. Specifically at these levels, and at all levels in general, we stress to parents the importance of not getting confused between making fair and reasonable demands of their children, and transferring their anxiety regarding poor results. When a child is having difficulties they need support and assistance, and should be stimulated and provided with a stable environment. They should not be put under pressure or made to feel guilty.

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