Furthermore, together with cooperative activities, values education as practiced at our school specifically envisages the promotion of coexistence based on plurality, public-spiritedness and respect for the rules, as well as the defence of own opinions through democratic channels. 
To promote coexistence, the school has established rules governing organization and operation, which are adapted to each level and are communicated to both students and parents at the beginning of the academic year. In the early years of Primary education, which are crucial for the acquisition of values, students are specially motivated to behave well and are called to general assemblies, in which they are motivated with diplomas that reward their ability to listen, respect, help others, etc.
Also, from the Secondary level monthly student assemblies are promoted. These assemblies are conducted by the students themselves under the supervision of a teacher, fostering a sense of responsibility and the involvement and commitment of all students in solving the problems of the school and their classmates. These assemblies serve as a school for promoting democratic values where students learn to express their views, respect others, use channels of representation to defend their ideas and abide by the rules approved by all.
The school also has a program called  "Consejeros" ("Counsellors"), which aims to improve school life through a competition among the students themselves. Students participating voluntarily in this program (from the final years of Primary Education to Baccalaureate) act as "mediators" in minor conflicts that occur between their peers, they accompany new students as "mentors" and others with integration difficulties, and as "cicerones" in organizing and recommending recreational sports, social, cultural and other activities. 
In addition to intervening in specific conflicts, "student counsellors" perform other activities aimed at promoting healthy coexistence. They also provide the Guidance Service with useful information to consider actions or group dynamics in classes in which it is necessary to stop rumours or promote cohesion, or create a more favourable atmosphere for teamwork. They also collaborate with tutors in the planning of tutorials and even intervene in specific cases. They also keep their own blog on coexistence called "Advisers in Action",  where they publish contents focusing on the value of friendship, respect and plurality, contents that allow them to pursue their commitment to coexistence beyond the specific cases in which they are involved and beyond even their own school environment, since it is a blog that anyone can access.   
Additionally, the school collaborates with the Alumni Association in the organization of a series of debates on democracy, and in collaboration with the Civiliter Foundationincluir enlace the school's Citizenship Forum in which students reflect on and discuss policy proposals which are then "submitted" to the local government or political parties.

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