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Un equipo del Colegio, a la Fase Nacional del Joven Parlamento Europeo

Un equipo del Colegio, a la Fase Nacional del Joven Parlamento Europeo
Los alumnos Rupert Hess, Julia Del Palacio y Paula Eriksson consiguieron la clasificación para la Fase Nacional del Joven Parlamento Europeo después de su intervención en la Fase Regional. El equipo de nuestro Colegio, junto a los alumnos del Laude Altillo School (Jerez de la Frontera), será el único representante de Andalucía en esta importante cita, que se celebrará en Zaragoza del 3 al 7 de abril. La participación de los alumnos se realizó en todo momento en inglés y fue organizada por el Departamento de Lengua y Literatura Inglesa. Con esta actividad se refleja la manera de enseñar, el espíritu de debatir en clase y el uso de temas de actualidad como parte de las evaluaciones de Year 9 a Year 12.
Los estudiantes que participaron reflejaron en un texto en inglés, que se reproduce a continuación, la experiencia y sensaciones vividas durante la Fase Regional.
Paula Eriksson
"This past weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the Regional Selection Conference in Seville for the EYP. From the very first day, teambuilding day, I felt a great energy surrounding the whole event; everyone was kind, willing and positive. My committee, ENVI, were absolutely amazing; we all got on incredibly and we gained confidence within minutes. Noémie, our chairperson, really created an atmosphere where we felt confident and happy. The following days were really intense, we had to write down our resolutions and then defend them in a General Assembly on Sunday. It was amazing to see my team working together and shining in the GA. I feel really happy to have had the chance of going, learning and meeting such great people, not only my team but also the organisers and other delegates. I can only say that I ended up crying because of how happy I was that I met the great friends I made and because I didn´t want to leave, so, imagine how great it was…"
Julia del Palacio
"The RSC Sevilla experience can be described as exciting, fun and fulfilling (maybe a little bit stressful as well). We were separated in committees and each committee had a chairperson: something like the coordinator of the group. The first day was dedicated to team building. We got to know all the people who participated in the RSC by doing different activities with our committees and other committees. These activities made us lose any sense of embarrassment and we met lots of new people from Sevilla, Córdoba and Jerez. Not only did I get to know people, but I met some friends who I didn’t know would be there. On the second day, we worked in our committees, trying to resolve the problem that was given to us. In my committee’s case (EMPL), we had to find a solution to the social and economic inequality and unemployment caused by A.I (artificial intelligence). The middle day was the most difficult as we stayed awake until 3am (when the resolution papers were published), so we could write some speeches for the next day. The idea of this being to replicate the pressures put on politicians to respond quickly and coherently to the changing landscape. The General Assembly took place on the last day. We had to present and defend our resolution paper, while discussing with the rest of the committees the solutions we proposed. It was really interesting to listen to the resolutions the other committees came with, as well as to deal with the different questions they asked about our resolutions. I really loved the experience and I am extremely happy for being able to go with Paula and Rupert to the National Selection in Zaragoza".
Rupert Hess
"Last Friday, I attended the regional European Youth Parliament in Seville. The event commenced with a few teambuilding activities, which was helpful to get to know my team members and my chair person a little better. It made me feel comfortable in the role of a delegate, yet it was a new experience for the entire team. Particularly, I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere amongst the team. We treated each other with respect and embraced all suggestions, qualities that I think are crucial to a team´s cohesion and success. On Saturday, we continued the session with the in-depth committee work of ECON (Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee). Considering the fact that the given topic was relatively demanding, a cautious and thorough approach was necessary to make sense of it. Nonetheless, we did our best in tackling the issue and step by step we understood the significance of a solid economy in the European Union. Once the research was completed, we began to distribute the different positions that were relevant for the debate, followed by rephrasing the information and thereby turning it into a gripping and persuasive speech. Finally, we were all eagerly looking forward to the debate on Sunday, presenting our work we had done during this intense session. Each committee got the chance to display and elaborate on their ideas, thoughts and mainly highlight the importance of the discussed issues. Overall, I found it to be an intensive weekend, nevertheless I greatly enjoyed meeting new people, working hand in hand with my team mates, questioning problems and ultimately finding an adequate solution to them, felt very rewarding. It was a somewhat distinctive challenge, not always easy, but certainly it was the right decision to participate in the regional European Youth Parliament Spain, I am now keenly awaiting the National Conference in Zaragoza in April 2019".