Board of directors


Director.- Mr. Luis Rey Goñi

The role of Colegio de San Francisco de Paula’s Director is mainly focused on promoting the excellence and the development of the Centre, by means of interpreting its Educational Goals and Purposes, offering a strategic point of view to the entire organization and coordinating its main evolution and action lines, as well as representing the Centre outwards. He is in charge of chairing the School’s Board of Directors, of determining the procedures and general lines of action and priorities of the Centre, and of promoting and supporting the environment institutional relationships, as well as promoting a collaborative attitude throughout the whole educational community and the staff of the School, and a institutional feeling of identifying themselves with the Educational Goals.

Staff Vice Director.- Ms. Liliana Zanin

Her main tasks are to manage actions of the staff area by promoting the excellence according to the Purposes, the Educational Goals and the regulations of the School, thus, searching for efficiency and efficacy and for a motivating and satisfactory work environment among all the people that make the organization up. She also collaborates in the determination of general lines of action and priorities of the School, and carries out the planning, design, implementation and appraisal of human resources programs, by coordinating the development of the welcome plan. She also manages the execution of the staff and training expenses, organizes the internal communication of the Centre and assures the fulfillment of the Workplace Security Law.

Vice Director of Students.- Ms. Coral Cano Jiménez

Her mission is to manage students’ interests and to strengthen their values, as well as establishing the regulations of students, and to keep contact with them and their parents. She collaborates in determining the School’s general lines of action and chairs the Board of Coordinators, as well as the development of the tutoring activities related to the Educational Project, the Plan of Tutorial action and the Annual Plan of the Centre. She is also in charge of promoting and managing the development of psychological, ethical and social aspects of students, promoting among them the institutional feeling to identify themselves with the School’s Educational Purposes and Goals. Furthermore, she manages the tutorial content and coordinates the information given to the families.

Management Vice Director.- Mr. Juan Ignacio Muñoz López

His mission aims to manage and promote the different aspects of the activity and management of the economical resources of the School, in the best conditions as possible of cost, liquidity, profitability and security. He is also in charge of designing the proposal, implementing and monitoring the financial strategy of the School approved by the Director, proposing the Board of Directors new aspects of economical activity with the aim of providing the School’s staff with possibilities of professional development and maximizing benefits, as well as managing the non-compulsory education activities. Furthermore, he manages and controls the actions of improvement in facilities ascribed to the School running, the strategy of maintenance and technological development, and the activities related to systems of quality management and external audit. Also, he collaborates to settle on the general lines of action and priorities of the School.

Academic Deputy Head.- Mr. César Prado Fernández

His mission is to lead students’ intellectual development, to foster excellence according to the Objectives, Educational Purposes and rules of the School, to supervise and coordinate the teaching staff throughout academic activities by managing the Board of Department Heads, to provide students with orientation related to the Educational Project, to pay particular attention to the intellectual and physical development of the students under a spirit of continuous improvement, to lead the development of the academic activities as per the Educational Project, Syllabus and the Annual General Planning, and to watch over its execution.

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