Since 2001 our school has been accredited by the Advanc-ED International Agency, which supervises the quality standards of more than 30,000 schools in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. We are the only school in Seville with that accreditation, which authorizes us to teach the American education system.
The last inspection by the Agency in 2016 rated our school 48 points above the global average, and near the top in all indicators analysed: equity in learning opportunities; high expectations; learning support; active learning; individual student progress monitoring; management and administration; and digital skills. The school has also received five special mentions for its advocacy and support structure for students, individual support services, the use of statistical information for decision-making, its culture of continuous improvement, and the provision of teaching resources. These are as follows:

Powerful Practice 
The students benefit from a formalized and highly effective advocacy structure. 
Indicator 3.9
Powerful Practice 
The school provides an impressive range of support services to meet the needs of the whole child. 
Indicators 4.2 (3.12) (4.1) (4.6)
Powerful Practice 
Leaders consistently base decisions on on-going analysis of comprehensive student assessment, survey, and anecdotal data. 
Indicator 5.5
Powerful Practice 
The strong school culture is grounded in total commitment to providing for continuous improvement of achievement for all students, preparing them for ultimate success. 
Indicator 1.2 (5.4)
Powerful Practice 
The leadership provides all necessary means to meet the full range of students’ academic, social, and emotional needs including instructional time, and fiscal and human resources. 
Indicator 4.2 (4.1)
En estas gráficas se resumen los resultados alcanzados por nuestro Centro tras la evaluación de AdvancED.



Integration in the network of schools accredited by AdvancED and compliance with its stringent evaluation criteria provides specific advantages and benefits for our school in terms of, among other aspects, collaboration with parents, a sense of community, assessment mechanisms, educational homogeneity, respect for diversity, personalized monitoring, teacher selection systems, teacher training and technological resources. A more detailed description of these advantages can be found on this link.

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