About us

About us
We welcome you to the “Maestro Juan Plata” Parents’ Association website. Thank you for visiting us.
The participation of Parents is a basic pillar for the education and training of our children. The Parents’ Association is intended to serve as a collaboration channel for this common project. Therefore, the main goals of the Association are to assist the members in regards to every stage of their children’s education and collaborate with the School in the formation and assistance to the students. To know more about our goals, organization, rules of procedure, admission processes or economic resources you can consult the Articles of Association.

Elena Romeri Díaz
Vice President and Responsible the Infant School
Benita Jurado Arenilla
Manuel Alcoucer Palma  
Secretary Treasurer
Antonio Hernández López
Spokesperson for the educational quality
Rocío Meier Pantoja
Spokesperson for communication
Cristina Ojeda
Spokesperson for dynamization
Elisa Martín Hermosín
Spokesperson for Health and Security
Manuel Gutiérrez González
Spokesperson for Extracurricular Activities
Pablo de los Santos Parejo

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