1985-2000: Towards the 21st Century

Colegio de San Francisco de Paula was the only school in Seville to refuse the subsidy, making a leap forward…into the abyss! In an instant, the School was privatised, the boarding school closed and, with the new space, girls changing rooms and toilets added, returning the School to its co-ed origins. 
The School celebrated its Centenary in 1986 with more than five hundred people. As if to celebrate this auspicious date, 1986 also marked the largest number of students in the School’s history: 1,495. 
In 1989, under Enrique Lago, the so-called “judo patio” was built. Although two basements were planned, one with a swimming pool, both had to be brought to a halt. A subsidy from the Large Area Industrial Expansion program allowed the building and its two floors to be completed. And so the Asahi-Kan, to give it its proper title, was born, with the best facilities in the School’s history. The building work was carried out over the course of two successive summers. 
The LOGSE (General Regulatory Law on the Education System) came into force and, despite the discussions at the time, it did not lead to another decrease in standards. In fact, it highlighted the importance of freedom in the organisation and operation of schools. If carried out effectively, it could in fact lead to an increase in standards. 
The Decree on Minimum Requirements and its new ratio, in addition to the decline in birth rate, was to have a catastrophic effect on the financial stability of the School. The cost per pupil had increased by more than 250% in a decade compared to 1990. The year 1991-92 marked a new record in the number of students: 1476. From then on the numbers were almost in freefall. 
At the end of 1996, Luis had to give up his post as Head Teacher. José Guillermo remained unwilling to take it on. In January of 1997, Luis Rey Goñi took on the position, with the aim of modernising the School’s educational program and moving it towards the 21st Century. 
In order to do this, Luis pledged his commitment wholeheartedly to languages and information technology, which were developing rapidly, and to international cooperation and teacher training, thereby firmly establishing the School’s modern identity. In addition, in 1997 he set up the Colegio de San Francisco de Paula Pre-School, which operated independently from the School, but was closely linked to it, sharing the same objective of providing quality education, but to children of three, four and five years of age.

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