1960-1973: The great expansion

After many years of planning, in 1960 and 1961 building works were undertaken to double the size of the School. Roberto and Juan took charge of these works and the School increased in size to more than 600 students. 
It was during this time that María Isabel Goñi, Mrs. Rey Romero, and Francisco Gómez Guerrero began to work at the School. 
The new auditorium presented infinite possibilities, and the School arranged various concerts and theatrical productions. They continued to take trips, taking advantage of the little freedom of movement allowed at that time. They had to plan these trips in a detailed and conscientious manner. 
The following years saw multiple journalistic attempts. MENDRUGO reappeared… more than once. Various issues of number one survive, some of which make reference to early developments in artificial intelligence. However, this was the era of May 1968, and the publication had its revolutionary rival in El Kitab Missian. 
Between 1969 and 1972 the School acquired small plots, sites and abandoned buildings between Sor Ángela and Alcázares. 
Preparations began for the second big expansion of the School. This expansion was the Project of another alumnus, José María Navarro, and is influenced by the General Law on Education of 1970, which included new space requirements. This Law caused a mass exodus of the traditional schools to the suburbs. However Luis decided to stay. What would Seville’s great old town be without schools? 
Tired, José retired. There were more radical changes to come. José’s retirement coincided with the beginning of José Guillermo Rey Romero’s tenure. 
In 1970, the Schools Inspector demanded the construction of a sports centre. How were they going to fit a sports centre into Seville’s ancient and narrow old town? The Inspector returned in October. He almost had to be revived, so surprised was he to see that they had succeeded! 
This was also the year that the School received permission to implement the pilot COU program (university preparation classes), permission that was granted to just four schools in the University District. 
In 1973, building work started again. These works guaranteed the School’s longevity, but also meant the loss of some historic spaces: the Commons room, the dining hall and its marvellous 17th century coffered ceramic tiled ceiling, a stairs from the same century…

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